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XM25 Grenade Launcher Rifle


XM25 Grenade Launcher Rifle

XM25 Grenade Launcher Rifle

US Army
The Army and Alliant Techsystems have developed a new grenade launcher. In the “old days” a soldier would grab a grenade, pull the pin and throw it towards the target. Everything in the area the grenade landed was damaged but walls and obstructions deflected the blast.

Alliant Techsystems has developed a grenade launcher that works like a rifle and is called the XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System. The grenade includes electronics inside that are programmed by the launcher when fired. A soldier uses a laser to mark the target and determine the target’s distance. Then the soldier selects when the grenade will detonate – before, at or past the target. The launcher is fired and grenade explodes where programmed. By exploding past a target and using a hardened grenade, the soldier can fire the grenade through a wall or other obstruction and have it explode on the other side. The enemy can no longer hide behind a wall.

XM25 Specifications

  • Weighs 12 pounds
  • 29 inches long
  • Maximum range of 2300 feet
  • Uses 25 mm ammunition
  • Costs $35,000 each

Ammunition available includes door breaching, high explosive air bursting, anti-personnel, non-lethal blunt and airburst, training and armor piercing.

The Army plans to purchase enough for each squad in the field to have one. Initial weapons are now being deployed to Afghanistan.

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