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Contracting category covers the different types of contracts, sample contracts and clauses, and advice on understanding the government contract language.

National Contract Management Association
National Contract Management Association is a professional group for contract management personnel

Fixed Price Contracts
Fixed price contracts are a bit self-explanatory. You propose a single price to accomplish the work being sought. Once the project is complete the government customer pays you the agreed to price. Your cost to complete the work does not factor into how much you are paid.

DLA Procurements
DLA Procurements

Cost Plus Contracting
Cost plus contracts are not found in commercial contracting but are frequent in government contracting. The cost part of the contract is the same with how the fee is computed being the difference between the different types.

October Opportunities
October is the start of the new Federal Government fiscal year and there are quite a few opportunities coming out.

Time & Materials Contracts
Time & Materials contracts have labor rates and materials costs negotiated before contract award. As work is completed the contractor bills against the rates agreed to in the contract regardless of the actual cost.

Acquisition Training
The more you know about how the government makes acquisitions and the process they employ the better you will be able to compete and win contracts.

Contract Types
There are three primary types of government contracts: fixed price, cost reimbursable and time and materials.

Sole Source Procurements - no compete procurements
Sole Source Procurements - no compete procurements

Overview Of the DoD Procurement Process
This article describes the starting points for Defense Department contracts and purchases.

Cost Reimbursement Contracts
The government regulations concerning cost reimbursement or cost plus contracts.

Contract Types
The various types of contracts are listed and explained by the Defense Logistics Agency.

Time & Materials Contracts
The rules and regulations concerning time and materials (T&M) contracts is detailed. T&M contracts have negotiated rates for labor and materials that the government will pay regardless of the contractor's cost.

Export Control Clause
All DoD contracts now include an export control clause which contractors must adhere to when performing the contract.

SBIR Contract Clauses
Reference guide to the contract clauses contained within a SBIR contract and many other contracts.

FAR Part 1
FAR Part 1 contains introductory material.

What Is The FAR?
FAR stands for Federal Acquisition Regulations and is the set of regulations governing all acquisitions and contracting procedures in the Federal government.

Uniform Contract Format
Uniform contract format is used for many solicitations. It provides some uniformity to the proposal process and facilitate the resulting contract.

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