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Critical Solutions International Mine Detection Vehicles


Husky Mine Detection Vehicle

Husky Mine Detection Vehicle

Photo courtesy U.S. Army
Critical Solutions International makes the premier mine detection system used in Iraq and Afghanistan – the Husky. Based in Texas, CSI builds the advanced ground penetrating radar Husky which can detect IED’s and mine, determine their type and mark its location. CSI has other products to aid in removal and destruction of the mines.


The Husky Mounted Detection System (HMDS) uses ground penetrating radar to detection mines and IED’s. Once an explosive device is detected the system can determine the type of device and precisely mark its location for avoidance and clearing. The ground penetrating radar is mounted on the front of the vehicle. The cab sits back away from the radar and is surrounded by explosive protection and armor. The radar, sensors and computer can be removed from the vehicle and mounted on other vehicles when needed. Metallic and non-metallic hazards can be detected. When a threat is found it is marked using either the marking jets in the front or in the center of the vehicle.

Husky MK III

The Husky MK III consists of the Husky mounted detection system mounted on vehicle. CSI has built and deployed over 500 Husky MK III’s to Iraq and Afghanistan. The vehicle itself is designed to survive mines and IEDs with a V shaped hull to deflect any blast away from the operator, ability to remove components easily and an armored body. The Husky MK III has the ability to go over a pressure sensitive explosive device without tripping it. Repairs to the vehicles can be made in the field. The Husky MK III is operated by one person.

Husky 2G

The Husky 2G vehicle mounted mine detection system is a larger version of the Husky MK III. It carries two operators and can travel longer distances. One operator drives the vehicle while the other runs the mine detection system.

Mountain Lion

The Mountain Lion high mobility tactical vehicle is a blast survivable vehicle that can be used in many different situations. Uses include command and control, carry up to 12 occupants, and provide route clearance with the Husky mine detection system attached. The Mountain Lion can be carried by C-130 cargo planes.

Vehicle Mounted Interrogation Arm

The Vehicle Mounted Interrogation Arm is mounted on vehicles and used to investigate and clear IEDs. The arm carries thermal imaging system to find and identify IEDs in areas not visible such as under a bridge. It has a grasping rake to dig up and clear IEDs. An air and water digger can be added to dig up hard compacted soil and form a trench 5” deep and 10” long. One camera is mounted on the boom for operator vision and a second one can be mounted on the knuckle of the arm for greater visibility. The cameras have pan and tilt control along with infrared and thermal capabilities. Two models of the arm are available – one with 28 foot reach and another with 31 foot reach. The arm can lift 903 to 1135 pounds.

Bandolier Lightweight Clearing Cable

The Bandolier lightweight clearing cable looks like a rope and is used to clear uneven surfaces of mines and IEDs. It can clear 35 feet while weighing only 14.5 pounds.

Unmanned Systems

CSI makes four models of unmanned Hound vehicles. Hound is the base platform used to create other unmanned robots. Bloodhound includes ground penetrating radar to perform IED detection without risking human lives. GreyHound is a small reconnaissance robot.

H2O is an unmanned robot used for underwater surveying. H2O weighs 70 pounds, can go down to 300 feet underwater, is only 8” tall, and has a payload space of 1 cubic foot. H2O can travel in a 10 mile range autonomously while gathering data based on the payload.

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