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Abrams M1 Tank


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Abrams M1 Battle Tank

Abrams M1 Battle Tank

Photo courtesy U.S. Army
The Abrams tank is designed to spearhead an offensive over rough terrain. The tank is heavily armored to survive direct hits including using steel encased depleted uranium to protect against armor piercing shells. There is armor between crew compartment and fuel tanks for added protection. In Iraq no Abrams tank crew were lost due to direct fire (mine and drowning after a bridge collapse were cause of the fatalities).

The driver has 3 periscopes providing 120 degrees of visibility and the commander has six periscopes for 360 degree view. Thermal viewers with FLIR provide enhanced visibility including night and visibility obstructed by sand or smoke as well as 10x and 3x magnification. The thermal viewer (FLIR) system allows the tank to fire on one target and track a second target simultaneously increasing its lethality.

The Abrams M1 has digital command and control for battlefield coordination and communication. Electric generator produces 6 kilowatts of power for the on board systems. An environmental system keeps internal temperature down to 95 degrees via 25,600 BTU’s of cooling. Color displays and digital terrain maps are used by the crew. Crew protection against nuclear, biological and chemical warfare is installed.

An on board fire control computer coupled with laser rangefinder computes angle and velocity of the shell to ensure an accurate hit on the target. The tank is accurate targeting to 8,000 meters with an error of less than 35 meters. Turrent stabilization system allows for firing while moving over even rough terrain.

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