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ITAR Training

ITAR or export control regulations require annual training for all your employees. Create your own training or have someone else do it for you but keep current.

Defense Spotlight10

Amphibious Transport Dock USS Somerset

Sunday March 23, 2014
The latest amphibious transport dock, the USS Somerset, has been commissioned. Named after the place in Pennsylvania where one of the 9/11 hijacked airlines crashed, the transport dock ship is designed to house men and equipment in preparation for a sea based assault. It is built by Huntington Ingalls, is 684 feet long and powered by four diesel engines.

Securing Data Across Security Boundaries

Saturday March 22, 2014
BAE has launched a tool called SIBA that allows for information to be shared between security domains easily. One major issues in sharing information was how to protect the information so that only people with the security clearance level and need to know could access the appropriate information. BAE's SIBA tool helps solve this problem by working within Microsoft Office and SharePoint and allowing information owners to tag the data to restrict the need to know requirement.

Military Intelligence Budget

Saturday March 22, 2014
The Defense Department has said they plan to spend $13.3 billion in fiscal year 2015 on intelligence activities. To protect the classified nature of these activities no detail was released, just the total budget.

New Littoral Combat Ship USS Jackson

Friday March 21, 2014
Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has christened the latest littoral combat ship, the USS Jackson (LCS 6). The ship is being built by Austal in Mobile, AL. The ship is named after Jackson, Mississippi and is designed to operate near shore and support multiple missions including counter mines, submarine detection and special operations. The ship is being outfitted and is to enter service in early 2015. USS Freedom

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