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Broad Agency Announcements (BAA’s)


Broad Agency Announcements or BAA’s were created in the Competition in Contracting Act of 1984 and the FAR details them in FAR 35.016. BAAs are a way for government agencies to solicit research proposals.


When a government agency needs basic research completed outside of existing programs or weapons they can issue a BAA. The BAA seeks proposals for specific research topics that are of interest to the agency. The research has to be basic research and not include demonstration of validation of prior research. BAAs are used to increase scientific study and advance knowledge on topics where multiple approaches are anticipated. The BAA document will include a description of the research needed, criteria for award and proposal requirements.

Typical Proposal Process

The first step in the BAA proposal process is typically submission of a summary of the proposed research. The summary is from one to five pages (as specified in the BAA solicitation) and as the first review. The agency will review the summary and if there is interest a full proposal will be requested.

If the agency has an interest in the research and its potential application toward the topic they will request a full proposal including cost proposal, past performance and technical proposal. The proposal format will be detailed in the BAA and the full proposal request.

After a technical and cost review an award will be considered, funds allowing.


Contracts that are awarded may be fixed fee, cost reimbursable or other type as desired and deemed appropriate by the procuring agency.

BAA awards can vary greatly as they depend on the research requirements. BAAs are normally open for long periods of time such as a year or more. However, funds available under the BAA are limited and there is a better chance of funding the earlier in the funding cycle.

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